Weber Laserservice

You are looking for a laser cutting machine or a trusted service partner for your current machine?

Then is Weber Laserservice the right partner for you. We believe that a laser cutting machine at all times  should be beneficial. Our focus? Worries that he is doing it. 
This starts with an accurate advice on purchasing the right machine, and continues through courses in which we transfer our knowledge to your staff. In case of a malfunction we have set up a team of experienced hotliners. In that way we never detract from our motto: Weber Laserservice, distinguished by service!

Exhibition model available Bystronic Bysprint Fiber

Weber Laserservice has available for you a 6kW Bystronic Bysprint Fiber of 2016, this exhibition model has come directly from the Euroblech to Weber Laserservice and now stands ready for you in our showroom in Heteren. This laser cutting machine is suitable for a sheet size of 3.000 x 1.500mm and is equipped with all conveniences for you as client. It features a 6kW Fiber laser that creates an incredibly high production of components and first-class cutting quality, also the laser cutting machine is equipped with an automatic nozzle changer, shuttle tables consisting of copper grids, Detection eye, Power Cut Fiber and extra windows to fully follow the cutting proces.


Weber Laserservice supplies two laser cutting machines to Hungary

In the last few weeks Weber Laserservice delivered two laser cutting machines to clients in Hungary. One of those clients is the company Kupmet, they already have a Bystronic Bystar but due to the increasing activities a decision had to be made to expand their machinery park with a faster Bystronic via Weber Laserservice. Together we decided for the Bystronic Byspeed 3015, this laser cutting machine is provided with a 4.4 kW CO2 laser and a Byloader. This automatic machinery ensures that the metal plate is automatically loaded safely and quickly on the shuttle table.